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Hourly Home Rentals

Modern House

Leading Real Estate Investment Company

Turning Homes, Apartments, Condos, etc. into Businesses for Photographers and Models

Best Homes 

We research to find the best homes to capture photographs in. 

Affordable Rates

We have a wide range of homes to choose from with the best hourly rental rates possible!


We have been in the photography business more than a decade. Studying the craft to offer an overall experience like no other. 

Why Choose Us

Satisfied Customers

"I've been searching for studios that had a home feel but Wiggins Enterprise blew me away with their real home options"

Dave Reddington

"My client was looking for a private bathroom to do a maternity shoot at and I couldn't find one. After finding Wiggins Enterprise I can now offer a wider range of services for my clients"

Amelia Banks

Best decision I've ever made was signing up for a membership with Wiggins Enterprise!"

Kenny Stutes

Let's Discuss 
Your Photo Session

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Service Areas:

Houston, Dallas, Austin & San Antonio


(713) 320-2232

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